Neil Johnson

Creative Consultant

Neil Johnson is a real verification engineer with no good explanation for why he's here.

The idea for came to Neil on a Tuesday in early January 2014 and after giving it very little thought, he started building it. Neil figured that if he quickly got started, he could avoid realizing his idea was kind of dumb. The strategy paid off. The site was live a mere 48 hours later, cartoon stick figures and all. From there, Neil convinced himself that even though he had second thoughts, it was too late to turn back... so whatever.

If you find yourself wondering what the heck this is, take comfort in the fact that you're not alone. Neil's wife regularly asks him what he's trying to achieve. Unfortunately, he doesn't know. It's fun though, which is probably why Neil carries on as creative consultant to

Richard Garrison

Advanced Verification Methodology Technologist

If perfect is the enemy of done, then done is the enemy of Richard Garrison.

Richard - known to friends and colleagues as Dyck - is an industry veteran. In a career that has thus far spanned more than 38 years, Dyck has been laid-off by 17 leading semiconductor and electronic equipment makers. Dyck has played a critical role in the development of over 110 products. While none of those products were ever completed and released, he has come close on several occasions.

Having seen it all, Dyck brings a wealth of experience and defeat to m/verif*/. As one of the early thought leader in the area of functional verification, defect free silicon has never been good enough for Dyck. Dyck sees verification reuse on all levels - transistors to systems to users - as the holy grail. It's Dyck's dedication to reuse that motivated development of GOUt, our flagship product.

Dyck holds a bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering from Northsouthern University and an honorary doctoral degree, also from Northsouthern University, for his ongoing research in pseudologic. Prior to co-founding m/verif*/, Dyck held the position of verification lead at Tier1.

Vladimir Joliot

Advanced Verification Technologist

Vladimir Joilot has been working in semiconductor development for more than a decade. Vlad grew up on the family carrot farm in Deux-Montagnes, Quebec with his Russian mother and French Canadian father. After a terrible fire in 1995 destroyed a bumper crop, Vladimir's parents used the insurance money to sponsor his move to Northen California. For Vladimir, it would be the most important moment of his life.

By age 20, Vladimir completed a combined degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Elk Grove Community College. It was soon after that Vladimir discovered his calling as a verification engineer working along side Dyck Garrison at Tier1. Vlad brings unmatched enthusiasm and a thirst for knowledge to the m/verif*/ team.

Glenn Wong

Junior Verification Methodologist